Monday, 20 February 2012

The Biblical Zoo

     For our Sunday free day (will I ever get used to that?) eleven of us "Mormon University" kiddos grabbed a bus to the ZOO!! For 37 shekels (right under $10) we got 4 ½ hours of pure fun. The prized at the Israeli zoo is a red panda (the little guy down below). He’s a cutie and when saw him he was in mid-morning workout, taking some laps thru the bushes, around his cage, and meandering up to his tree house. What a life. So the difference between a normal zoo and a Biblical zoo is each animal comes complete with biblical reference. Also I saw the kind of tree Judas Iscariot hung himself on and a St. Peter's fish, what Peter lugged in with his nets. What’s neat about the Israeli zoo is how close we got to the animals. Kangaroos were hoppin' around in their habitat, with only a meager rope separating us from them! I looked over a watering hole with rhinos, giraffes, and hippos. One creature not there was any spider. One day I'll forgive my brothers for chasing me around the house with that beanie baby spider. You're picturing it now and tan, named Web? Mmmmhhm. Why Noah invited those nasty creatures to his Ark party I do not know. 
Famous Red Panda

David bought nectar and let us all feed the birds!
Alyssa hates birds hahaha

Look at that gorgeous background! We are here in the one green season of the year.


so we had to :)

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  1. Fun! It is wonderful to be learning such things:) even about the animals:)