Sunday, 11 March 2012

Snow!!! Hold it hold it….in J-ru?

   Yess you read right—I woke up to SNOW in March! When packing for this study abroad I thought by the time February rolled around, the sun would be shining every day and we’d wear short sleeves. However I picked the coldest winter in 10 years to come, and here is evidence of cold in a place only known for blazing hot weather. 
     While learning about hermeneutics (what do I know and how do I know it?) in New Testament  on March 2 a snow storm was raging out the window. So during the break what do 83 college age students do? Snowball fight of course!

Once in a lifetime!

After playing outside we were freezing and found the hot water and hand dryer in the bathroom quite handy :-)

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